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Safety issues should be taken into account when the inverter is designed
Jan 05, 2018

Sometimes the inverter used in the car, so the safety is very important, the product design is reasonable or not is not only related with the safety of the electric appliances, is also concerned about the safety of the people, from a higher level, but also related with the driver and the car's statement, here we say the security problem a car inverter.

We must choose the metal shell products, car power inverter is relatively large, the heating is very much, if the heat inside the stay in the car, that will make the inverter noodles reduced, if there will be a fire hazard is serious, if the choice of metal is good heat dissipation, is not your choice of plastic that is burning, if there is no way to avoid these things. Now on the market some things in order to save costs, that will make the appearance of the product is plastic, this product is the heat in the fan above, is not recommended to choose, when there will be a lot of fan noise, but also affect the degree of comfort, life also will be very short.

In order to our security considerations, is to choose the type of product, do not choose the integration of things, because it has a lot of disadvantages, the first is the car's cigarette lighter position is not very thorough, the general inverter will not appear in the following form because of the unstable process will appear poor contact the situation there is dew out of place will be very long, if these things are put on their shift will directly affect the operation, this is possible and driving safety when there is relationship, whether it is safe or convenience is not the choice of inverter.

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