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The best use of the inverter environment
Jan 05, 2018

When the inverter is installed, it can't be installed in the environment that can be exposed. Especially when it rains, it will cause humidity. It's very difficult to do so. It is also not allowed to have any water on the inverter's power supply. The temperature of the inverter should be controlled between 1-40 degrees centigrade, not higher or lower than him. The inverter can also not be installed in the middle of easily combustible objects, and can not be placed in places easily exposed to dust.

If a long cable is not used, but need to be isolated between you and the inverter battery, the battery is not the same in the outside exposed, gas produced is a corrosive very strong, if a long time will damage the inside of the inverter. The inverter and the ground connecting places is directly connected to the load on their own, is to be able to control their application inside the power supply circuit, a basic model is very simple, but its output with the content of Ningbo is very large, but also because the current is very big, after transfer out of their multiple of a design content of their power is very small, but also to the inside of the elegant waveform, after obtaining a very wide range of applications.

Our spacious pulse technology is a reference to things, in order to adjust inside the triangle wave modulation is able to stack things out of their own, in the modulation process, it is possible to use switches to replace their analog quantity through the inverter power supply, after all the control, and then put into the current an alternating current, this technique is called your technology.

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