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How to choose a solar controller
Jan 05, 2018

The solar power generation system is widely PV module, which is used in many aspects of the coordination work, but also can be said that the system of solar controller, solar energy controller is all brain solar inside, so the entire solar energy is reflected great value, selection of such controller is very key joint moth. The popular controller on the market is mainly the ordinary solar controller. The ordinary controller is the first generation technology. Yuan Li, who works, directly inputs the battery into the port of the battery, and is not fully utilized.

After PWM is a solar controller, second technology, now the market there is a lot of work, the way is to use this control inside, and the general comparison is not to enter a lot, is able to solve their own battery is not full of problems, compared with their own control technology. But for all the use of solar energy is not out, then MPPT is solar controller, also after the third bags of technology, a full control of the position of the most high-end.

The power system is used for maximum battery charging, after the total efficiency is nearly one hundred percent Geng, power generation efficiency of all system is more high, and there are some very good for battery management, is also divided into the possibility of their charging and constant voltage, then the progress of technology and economy, is to be able to replace yourself the solar energy trend, solar controller is filled inside the general electric, but senior is different, the general aspects of the technical difficulty is compared to the bottom.

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