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China's solar energy accessories policy is clear
Jan 26, 2018

The day before the Philippines Department of energy (DOE) said, to accelerate the development of renewable energy projects, eliminate more than 100 have signed but the lack of progress of renewable energy contracts. The Philippine Department of energy reiterated the position of the Department to support the development of renewable energy, renewable energy that local production is reliable, energy source, even if the war situation, can have the energy supply security.

Photovoltaic new energy industry analysts said that in addition to the renewable energy contract verification process from the original 2 years to 45 days to attract more investment cases, it also further increased the target of solar power generation system from 50MW to 500MW. At the beginning of October the Thailand Department of energy was established in 12th anniversary to commemorate the 2015 energy plan, scheme mentioned any laws / regulations will be revised, including speeding up the country from solar power plant in the 2000MW system of power purchase. According to statistics, in the first half of 2014, China's accessories (MPPT controller and inverter) were exported to Southeast Asian countries. The first country was Philippines's 158MW, followed by Malaysia's 112MW and Thailand's 98MW. Then it was Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. Experts further pointed out that with the gradual clarity of solar policy in Southeast Asia, in August, China's export to Philippines accessories to a single month of more than 19% to 43MW. Who will eventually be spent in the Southeast Asian market?

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