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Two kinds of wave spin properties of inverter power supply
Jan 22, 2018

We will not be too familiar with solar energy. Now this new energy is widely used in all walks of life, and the most commonly used is solar power generation equipment. In less solar controller using these devices, we can achieve through the controller, remote control of our lives inside for some of the equipment in use, always feel not so good, the main reason is that their operation level, let people obviously feel not so good, the main the reason is that consumers feel not so good, and the inverter power supply in people's life which now has played a very important role, good effect can be achieved, so that people is almost unimaginable, these people now use the inverter can play two different kinds of problems, mainly the reason is that the principle of their use is a great difference, resulting in the effect of such a big change.

The first use of the spin wave inverter principle is applied at present very much, is the sine wave inverter, when in use is achieved very good results, many families are almost to be used, whether in the solar energy coal above, or in the above change, some is the need for such equipment as the carrier of the core, this decision is one of the most important reasons they can be very good to use such a device, which is itself a spin wave when in use, can let people play the biggest effect.

After all the time is the use of such spin Bo, can be very good to decrease that electromagnetic pollution there, so many people actually electromagnetic pollution obviously feel not so good, because of electromagnetic pollution amount is too strong, so there is this very good to solve the problems, but when you use this inverter power supply for electromagnetic pollution, effectively to control.

The second inverter is using square wave inverter theory, now this type have been significantly reduced, so that people can feel there is a very big change through this, although this principle has slowly drained away, but the impact is still there, before use when people feel that it is quite convenient. Making battery charging and current output brings us a very convenient condition for our work, so that we can control multi group or multi area solar power equipment at the same time. And this controller also has its own protection function.

For the protection of such a controller, we feel is the most obvious, the solar lights, we are not unfamiliar, but in the light of solar street lamp after a period of time, especially after the continuous overcast and rainy days, the street lamps will be for several days or even several days is not bright, when we repair, battery the voltage controller is very normal, lights are not failure, this is the solar controller protection function is enabled, he through the function setting, in the greatest degree。

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