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Protection function of solar controller
Jan 22, 2018

We will not be too familiar with solar energy. Now this new energy is widely used in all walks of life, and the most commonly used is solar power generation equipment. In less solar controller using these devices, we can achieve through the controller, remote control battery charging and current output, the maximum extent to our work has brought a very convenient condition, we can make the same time control group, or more regions of the solar power supply equipment. And this controller also has its own protection function.

For the protection of such a controller, we feel is the most obvious, the solar lights, we are not unfamiliar, but in the light of solar street lamp after a period of time, especially after the continuous overcast and rainy days, the street lamps will be for several days or even several days is not bright, when we repair, battery the voltage controller is very normal, lights are not failure, this is the solar controller protection function is enabled, he through the function setting, in the greatest degree, protect our products.

The protection function principle of solar controller's protection voltage is mainly that the controller itself has the voltage value of voltage protection. That is to say, if the voltage setting is higher, then the recovery time will be longer after undervoltage. The reason is the long time not bright lights, street lamp power supply voltage is too high, because we suffered consecutive rainy day, solar power equipment can be absorbed relatively energy into a voltage controller because of insufficient voltage, and not to the normal output lamp voltage, lamp will be so many days in a row to light this is his own protection function, the biggest characteristic.

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