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What are the connections between the wind power generation system and the grid connected inverter
Jan 11, 2018

When it comes to wind power systems, I believe most people don't feel strange. But if the words and the inverter par, I believe there will be a lot of people puzzled all at sea. Are there any necessary connections between the two seemingly inconsistent words? The answer is yes, as for the reason, and listen to the small and thin road.

Before we explain, let's have a brief look at what common characteristics of wind power generation system, which helps us to promote the relationship between them. First of all, the common wind power generation system is designed through parallel connection with the power grid control system, and this system is PWM inverter control system we seldom heard of. From a professional point of view, this control system is controlled by using the instantaneous current value to implement the wind power generation system.  Therefore, the grid connected inverter can be said to be the most important component of the microcomputer control system that consists of the wind power generation system. With the practice of scientific data, we can see that inverter control system plays an essential role in the operation and power supply of wind power generation system.

With the enhancement of environmental awareness, the development and improvement of wind power generation system is also advancing. For this reason, the way of wind power generation just meets people's demand for renewable energy. Therefore, with the increasing development of the country's power generation technology, the application of grid connected inverters is becoming more and more widespread. In order to ensure the best efficiency of wind power generation, we need to use good inverter control technology at this time, so as to effectively improve the voltage and frequency of wind power, and improve the power change measures and performance to the best.

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