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What is the protection mode of solar controller
Jan 10, 2018

Although solar controller is a product of environmental protection and high efficiency in the new era, we still can't ignore the potential safety problems of such devices. So, under the necessary circumstances, we should start the safety mode of the solar controller in time. In general, it can be divided into two kinds. So what should be done specifically? Let's take a look at the brief introduction.

Direct voltage protection, the protection mode is also called fast charging. Unlike the usual protection mode, this protection mode is fast charging. If the battery voltage is low in the solar controller state, can not be achieved and high voltage power conversion, the controller will automatically start a direct voltage protection, battery charging to the. Its principle is mainly because it has a parameter value called the control point. Is the value in the table, when the controller in the process in the charging voltage, the displayed value is higher than the value of the time protection, automatic start this mode this time controller will, to timely control the voltage of the battery is lower than the protection, avoid excessive charging phenomenon.

Charging voltage control is another common way to protect the solar controller. And the former is different, when the direct controller after the battery inside the controller will be for a period of time, and then let the conversion inside the machine battery voltage down to a natural value, after a period of time when the battery voltage drops to "restore voltage value, the controller will enter the time charging state. What is the charge? I believe many people will be all at sea. It is what we normally call "balanced charging". Generally, it is divided into two stages, but the time should not be too long.

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