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Protection mode of Solar Controller
Oct 09, 2017

1, direct charge protection point voltage: Direct charge also called urgent charge, belongs to the fast charge, generally is in the battery voltage is low when uses the big current and the relative high voltage to the battery charge, but, has a control point, also is called the protection spot, is the above table the numerical value, when the battery terminal voltage above these protection values, should stop the direct charge. Direct charge protection point voltage is generally also "overcharge protection point" voltage, charging battery terminal voltage can not be higher than this protection point, otherwise it will cause overcharge, the battery is damaged.

2, the full charge control point voltage: After the end of the direct charge, the battery will normally be charged and discharged controller static for a period of time, let its voltage natural whereabouts, when falling to the "recovery voltage" value, will enter the state of filling. Why should the design be recharged? Is that when the direct charge is complete, there may be individual battery "backward" (the end voltage is relatively low), in order to pull these individual molecules back, so that all the battery terminal voltage uniformity, so it is necessary to high voltage with a moderate current recharge then a small will, visible so-called equalizing, that is, "balanced charging." The charge time is not too long, generally for a few minutes ~ more than 10 minutes, time set too long instead of harmful. For a small system with a two-block battery, it is of little significance. Therefore, the street controller is not generally charged, only two stages.

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