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Main features of Solar Controller
Oct 09, 2017

1, the use of single-chip computer and special software, the realization of intelligent control;

2, using the battery discharge rate characteristic correction accurate discharge control. The end voltage of discharge is the control point corrected by the discharge rate curve, which eliminates the inaccuracy of the simple voltage control, which accords with the inherent characteristic of the battery, that is, different discharge rate has different end voltage;

3, with overcharge, over put, electronic short-circuit, overload protection, unique anti-reverse protection, such as automatic control, the above protection does not damage any parts, do not burn insurance;

4, using the series-type PWM charging main circuit, the voltage loss of the charging circuit is reduced by nearly half of the charging circuit using the diode, and the charging efficiency is 3%-6% higher than that of the non-PWM, which increases the power consumption time; the lifting charge of the overcharge recovery, the normal direct charge, the floating charging automatic control mode makes the system from the longer service At the same time with high precision temperature compensation;

5, intuitive led light-emitting tube to indicate the current battery status, so that users understand the use of the situation;

6, all the control of the use of industrial chips (only on the belt I Industrial-level controller), in the cold, high-temperature, humid environment to run freely. At the same time, the crystal oscillator timing control is used, and the timing control is accurate.

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