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How to maintain the inverter
Jan 22, 2018

1. Check the integrity of the inverter structure and electrical connections, heat dissipation and whether there is greater vibration and abnormal noise;

2. Regular cleaning of the inverter to ensure that the inverter will not be long-term corrosion, fouling state;

3. Regularly check the warning signs on the inverter to maintain the integrity of the warning signs;

4. Regularly check whether the module, reactor and transformer cooling fan in the inverter start and stop automatically according to the temperature; if there is any big vibration and abnormal noise during the operation of the cooling fan;

5. Periodically disconnect the AC output side (line side) circuit breaker to see if the inverter stops feeding the grid immediately.

6. Check the inverter DC bus capacitor temperature is too high or exceed the service life; in exceptional circumstances or over the service life, should immediately repair or replace the service life of DC bus.



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