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Function of Solar Controller
Oct 09, 2017

1, overcharge protection: When the charging voltage is higher than the protection voltage, automatically shuts off to the battery charge, then when the voltage drops to maintain the voltage, the battery enters the floating charge condition, when below the recovery voltage, the floating charge is closed, enters the filling state.

2. Over-release protection: When the battery voltage is lower than the protection voltage, the controller automatically shuts off the output to protect the battery from damage, and when the battery is recharged again, it can automatically restore the power supply.

3, load over-current and short-circuit protection: load current exceeds 10A or load short-circuit, fuse wire fuse, after replacement can continue to use.

4, over-voltage protection: When the voltage is too high, automatic shutdown output, protect the electrical appliances from damage.

5, with anti-charging function: The use of Schottky diode to prevent battery charging to solar cells.

6, with lightning-proof function: When lightning strikes, the varistor can prevent lightning, protect the controller from damage.

7, solar cell reverse protection: solar cell "+" "-" polarity of the reverse, correction can continue to use.

8, battery reverse protection: Battery "+" "-" polarity inversion, fuse fuse, after replacement can continue to use

9, Battery open circuit protection: In case the battery is open, if in the normal charge of solar cells, the controller will limit the load at both ends of the voltage to ensure that the load is not damaged, if at night or solar cells do not charge, the controller because of their own power, there will be no action.

10, with temperature compensation function.

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