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Development trend of power module industry
Jan 03, 2018

Development trend of power module industry

In the rapidly developing society, the use of electronic products is more and more extensive. As an important part of the energy supply, the power module is used more and more in the whole electronic field. The development of power module, from the previous switching power supply to the current module power, has experienced great progress in technology. And now, module power is going to a higher level of evolution, mainly in the following aspects!

High power and high density. Nowadays, electronic products, communication technology, equipment, integrated modules and so on, require more and more volume of electronic components, from the large objects of switching power supply to the current module power match box, which is smaller to the demand of chip type. This will inevitably require modular power supply to continue to reduce volume, increase efficiency and increase power density, and then make some balance according to the products it faces, so as to adapt to the development of products.

Low voltage and large current. The integrated circuit is not not reliable to the microprocessor. It is responsible for the main data processing of the functional modules, and is the core consumer of the whole product. As the working voltage of modern microprocessors continues to decline, the output of module power to its voltage has also dropped from the previous 5V to the current 3.3V or even to 1.8V! According to the industry forecast, the output voltage of the power supply will be reduced to less than 1.0V. This determines that, in order to maintain a high performance of the microprocessor, the decrease of the voltage, the measurement requires that the current will be increased to a certain level than that of the original. People in the industry know that for the module power, low voltage and high current is always the technical difficulty of the industry. It has more and more requirements for technology, electronic components, technology and so on.

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