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Component inverters -- the most widely used grid connected inverters
Jan 11, 2018

As the most basic grid connected inverter, the component inverters are believed to be the most well known inverters. Compared with different inverter classifications, this type of inverter usually connects each PV module with a single inverter, and then achieves the unity of their use and coordination, so as to achieve the power supply of power stations. So as a basic inverter, what are the more common applications of component inverters in our daily life? Let's get to know it.

Generally speaking, each component of grid connected inverter has a single peak power peak tracking, so that it can ensure effective cooperation between inverter and components, so that they can better accomplish the operation of small scale power station. But as far as the efficiency of power generation is concerned, it is still far lower than the group of inverters. Why? Because component inverters usually cooperate with inverter through a single component, and string is achieved by one or more of them, so as to solve larger scale power supply.

Although as a small-scale grid connected inverter, but the component inverters still have a very wide range of use. Because in our daily life, there are still quite a lot of appliances such as household appliances that need to use the inverter for this component. Because power is much smaller than other series of inverters or multiple series of inverters, it also has good security in security and reliability. So it is an ideal inverter. In addition, the matching of the components inverter and the home voltage is relatively matched, so it can be connected with the power generation devices and outlets of the ordinary household users to complete the system control of household appliances.

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