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Classification of Solar Controller
Oct 09, 2017

The popular solar controller in the market mainly includes general Solar Controller, PWM Solar Controller and MPPT Solar controller.

Ordinary Solar controller is the first generation of technology, the work principle is directly to the solar panel output to the battery port, when the battery is sufficient after the disconnect, because the battery internal resistance, it is difficult to fill the battery, and the solar panel is not fully utilized, charging conversion efficiency for only 70~76%, has been market eliminated , and basically few people use it.

PWM Solar Controller is the second generation of technology, now the most market, the work mode is the use of PWM control mode, relative to the general solar Controller, has improved a lot, can solve the problem of battery dissatisfaction, charging conversion efficiency for $number, but the solar panel is not fully utilized.

MPPT Solar Controller is the third generation technology, the highest end of the solar controller. MPPT Solar Controller, refers to the "maximum Power Point Tracking" (maximumpowerpointtracking) function of the solar controller, is the upgrade of the PWM Solar Controller products, MPPT Solar Controller to real-time detection of solar panel voltage and current, and constantly tracking the maximum power (p=u*i), so that the system has always been the most high-power battery charging, mppt tracking efficiency of 99%, the entire system of power generation to 97%, and the battery has excellent management, divided into mppt charge, constant pressure both charge and constant pressure floating charge. With the progress of technology and energy saving, the trend of MPPT Solar Controller replacing traditional PWM Solar controller is irreversible.

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